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Soma Hair Technology Philosphy

In our opinion, a product line must follow three criteria for it to be deemed “Professional” quality (outside of being environmentally responsible)

1st Criteria: Give Your Hair More of What it’s Made of.

Your hair is Keratin Protein. The best way to repair and protect your hair is to put Keratin Protein back into it. This is called permanent conditioning. At Soma, we use an Organic-derived chain of quaternized Keratin Protein.

2nd Criteria: pH Specificity

Your hair has a natural pH range between 4.5 to 5.5 (the pH scale goes from 0-14 – with 0-7 being Acidic and 7-14 being Alkaline). When you maintain your hair with products in this pH range, you keep the hair cuticle closed – locking in colour, maintaining moisture, and reducing frizz. This specific pH range is what started the whole professional hair care industry. If you are using hair care products other than Soma and the bottle reads it is pH “Balanced” – this is nothing more than a marketing term and means absolutely nothing. The pH range must be specified to be at least 5.5 or less to keep your hair cuticle closed!

3rd Criteria: No Alcohol Allowed

YHairsprays can contain anywhere between 70-90% alcohol (denatured SD). What does alcohol do? It’s a drying agent. That means it attacks moisture in your hair. Alcohol will attack the hair structure itself and destroy it, causing hair to become dry and brittle by extracting the Keratin protein you have been trying to replace. Hairsprays can actually remove ink from clothing! If it can remove ink, imagine what it does to your hair colour!


milk_shake® offer dedicated products with natural, vibrant results for all hair care and styling needs. From cleansing to styling, each hair care step has been carefully devised to provide visible results in both the appearance and health of the hair. The products have been created with an awareness of their environmental impact and a solid commitment to minimising such impact by reducing sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride in the product formulas and opting for packaging and printed materials that can be recycled.


Our line of silicone, paraben and sulfate-free products and easy-to-use tools. From our original best-sellers No-Poo and One Condition to new favorites like SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler, the DevaCurl product lineup is designed to make all hair textures—wavy, curly and super curly—feel healthy and look gorgeous. No matter where you are on your curly journey, your perfect routine is here.

Style Edit

What it does

This lightweight, binding powder delivers instant, temporary coverage to unwanted gray roots. Washes out with shampoo, no flyaways or dusting, and works in seconds.

What’s in it

Color binding complex with unique binding agents glides over gray roots and locks color into place in just one swipe. Color adaptive pigments add luster and blend seamlessly with salon color for a completely natural look. Hidden sponge applicator allows for precise control and coverage. The secret weapon for at home or on the go!


Research shows that CBD benefits include acting as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent, and is therefore a potential medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety.

CBD Daily uses natural ingredients – no mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. CBD Daily products are 100% Vegan, drug-free and cruelty-free. We are on PETA’s coveted and highly regarded “No Test List” and Leaping Bunny Certified.